Marketing Strategies To Drive More Customer Traffic To Your Retail Store

Internet marketing is important for every business

But when you have a web presence, you also need to know how to use offline marketing strategies to get potential clients to your website. Marketing offline is important to drive potential customers to your website.

These 7 top tips will tell you how to market your website offline in a the local market to get people online. 

1. Really understand your target market

You can’t carry out an effective marketing campaign until you know who you are marketing too. Only then can you design marketing strategies that reach a particular group of people. Everyone is just not interested in the same things. So your marketing efforts must be focused to be effective.


Know the offline papers and magazines they read. You also want to know where the networking groups are so you can become a part of local events where you can pass out your business cards and brochures.  

2. Use offline ad space wisely to get people to your website

Look for local papers in your area. These are often neglected as good ad resources. But think about the ones that have been around for a long time. If they are effective it’s most likely because they support local businesses.

Ask the editors for their marketing statistics and advertising reach. The ads in these local papers are usually inexpensive and can be short and simple just naming your website with a store locator plugin and providing the web address. 

3. Look for larger newspapers in your area…

…and see if you could have a story writing about your business. Getting a feature story could do much more than many other types of advertising. You can clip the story and make copies.

Be sure to put the paper, date and writers name on the copies. These make great inserts to send to customers.

Always mention that you have a website in the article and give the full URL.  

4. Press release

Another way to get noticed by the media is to send out a press release of something you are doing that is newsworthy. Are you featuring a local artist at your restaurant, raising money for charity or doing something else?

Send a press release that lets the readers know to go to your website for more information. Have a downloadable flyer at the site and capture names and emails to build a mailing list. 

5. Always have a business card printed with your information

Be sure to add your email, URL and name of your website. Keep a stack on hand at all times as you never know who you might meet. Insert a business card in any mailings that you send out too.  

6. Do public speaking to promote your website

Organizations and associations are always looking for speakers. The key is to speak on a topic related to your area of expertise without making it sound like an advertisement for your business.


Take business cards and a flyer that promote your website along to pass out. 

7. Purchase some promotional specialty items that are useful as well as promotional

These include some inexpensive items such as pens or pencils that people can use everyday at home, in their office or at school. Notepads are another good idea. You can even try using a notepad that serves as a business card.

Get a small notepad of about 20 pages with your business card information printed up. These will serve several purposes including having a place for notes and to keep your name in front of potential clients. 

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